For the Seller

For the Seller

The Future of Retirement is...Exponential

Considering Selling Your Practice?

Don’t miss out on the opportune time to obtain the optimum sales price with the right buyer. It is easy with Dental Evolutions Practice Sales Advisors. We have a professional team of consultants and accredited brokers who will help navigate the entire transition process, guiding you through every step of the way from the best exit strategy to completion of the sale. We will ensure a smooth transition for both you and the buyer. While you are working in your dental practice, we will be working diligently, marketing to the right buyer. Once we find the right buyer, our experts start the negotiation process. Renee Pfefferle and the Dental Evolutions strategic partners have worked in the “trenches” for over 30 years and understand the dental profession intricately. They have a proven track record of honesty, integrity, and a history of truly caring about their clients.

Dental Evolutions truly has your best interest at heart! We will ensure a smooth transaction, enabling you to evolve to the next phase of your life while your legacy continues!


While you are working in your dental practice, we will be working diligently, marketing to the right buyer.

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How We Help You Through the 6 stages of the Practice Transition



Preparation for the opportune time to sell



Marketing to the right buyer with the right offer; negotiation period



We provide practice reports and transparent financials in a professional presentation to the buyer for due diligence



We will be there with you through the closing



Our team will assist the seller and the buyer with the change in ownership



Practice Assessment and Recommendations will be provided upon request of the buyer


Dental Evolutions Practice Transitions has no upfront listing fees, and you only pay a commission when your practice is sold. Dental Evolutions pays all marketing expenses.


Our team of dental practice management consultants have over 35 years’ experience in the dental profession. They will help you prepare an exit strategy that works for you at the right time. We will analyze the health of your practice with the goal of increasing key benchmarks so you may obtain the optimum sales price. Our services include a full practice assessment and recommendations to increase profitability, control expenses, while maintaining reasonable work hours (time the doctor spends in the practice). If you are contemplating the sale of your practice within the next 3-5 years, contact us now to help you prepare!


Our dental team has established long-term relationships in the dental community not only state-wide with the dental society, the dental schools, dental vendors, and local dentists, but nation-wide as well. We will list your practice locally and in the nation-wide media such as the ADA, Dentaltown, and other dental publications. Our team of sales advisors work diligently to offer the most advantageous ways to maximize the marketing exposure of your practice. Prospective buyers are carefully screened and sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to receiving any information about your practice. As business consultants, we understand that finding the right buyer for your practice requires a delicate balance of match-making and viability. Our experts can negotiate both sides of the transaction to make the transition a win-win for all.


Valuations are provided upon the request of the seller and/or buyer. A valuation is recommended approximately 3-5 years prior to the sale of your practice. A practice appraisal is an excellent foundation for your exit strategy and financial preparation for retirement. Our expert team of consultants and certified valuation advisors offer recommendations to progress your practice for maximum worth. Our services also include consultations with dental specific experts in relation to tax minimization versus capital gains.


There are many facets of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer. Our practice management experts will assist both the buyer and the seller with a comprehensive program, providing hands-on services, to make the transfer successful with minimal interference to the continuity of care for your patients. Our goal is to provide the seller with the tools necessary to exit the practice with minimal residual risk and to ensure the buyer becomes a successful practice owner. Our program allows a practical guide through the entire transition process.


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