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For the Buyer

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Dental Evolutions Practice Transitions welcomes the opportunity to speak with you confidentially about your specific practice needs. We offer a comprehensive program to guide you through every step of the purchase process. Once an offer is made, we provide a due diligence report and other documents necessary for negotiation and closing as well as communication with attorneys, accountants, and bankers. We also offer hands-on services for ownership transfer and follow up after the sale to evolve the practice to success. Our experience in the dental profession and expertise as practice brokers enables us to offer personalized support and assistance throughout the sales process. We will guide you through every step of the acquisition to alleviate your stress and value your time.

If you find a practice not listed with us, we also offer Buyer Representation. We will be your advocate working exclusively for you during the entire transaction. Our experienced team of practice sales advisors understand that price and terms are critical components of the acquisition. Our goal is to minimize the financial risk of your investment by providing due diligence services, valuations, and assist with your future business plan. Our connections with a variety of bankers enables an analysis of the best financial situation for you, with very little down and a successful structure for your loan repay. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and compassion during the entire process.

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With our years of experience in the dental industry, we are the easy way. We will guide you through every step of the acquisition including negotiations, due diligence and change of ownership.

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It was such an honor to assist an amazing doctor, Dr. Caitlin Singleton, who has perseverance, kindness, and a spirit full of positive attitude! Congratulations to Dr. Singleton and Dr. Jim Eaker for an incredibly special practice transition! They are a great match, sharing the same practice philosophies and values. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide our Change of Ownership services! We appreciate Dr. Singleton, Tyler, Dr. Eaker, and the staff for making it one of the easiest transitions ever! We know your future will be a success!

Dental Evolutions Change of Ownership services is one of the many specialized services we offer our clients. It was such an honor to assist Dr. Pratik Patel with his practice transition in Greensboro, NC. Congratulations and Thank you for your kind words.

Dr. Patel

“ I cannot thank enough Vickie for helping me in every step of transitioning. She took her time in talking with me, explaining and was available anytime I call or have question. Everything was so organized and comprehensive that I just had to follow the steps. Not only for transitioning but they were so resourceful to help me with any questions that came up after taking over practice. I am still calling them for advise so my recommendation for dentist looking to purchase practice, you must get in touch with Vickie right away. Overall excellent service. I am glad they had my back.”
Dr. Pratik Patel


A series of reports are compiled and analyzed to assist the buyer with an educated decision for practice acquisition. Our team of transition consultants have years of experience in the “trenches” of the dental profession and will provide a hands on-approach in obtaining the necessary reports. We will provide a comprehensive report and summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the practice so that you can make your own decision regarding your future career.


Valuations are provided upon the request of the seller and/or buyer.  A valuation is recommended so that the buyer can make an educated decision regarding cash flow and other facets of the practice in consideration of acquisition.  Our expert team of consultants and certified valuation advisors offer recommendations as a result of the valuation so that you know exactly what you are getting and where you are going!


There are many facets of transferring ownership from the seller to the buyer. Our practice management experts will assist both the buyer and the seller with a comprehensive program, providing hands-on services, to make the transfer successful with minimal interference to the continuity of care for your patients. Our goal is to provide the seller with the tools necessary to exit the practice with minimal residual risk and to ensure the buyer becomes a successful practice owner. Our program allows a practical guide through the entire transition process.


After the sale is complete, additional services are offered to the buyer to include a comprehensive practice assessment with statistical benchmarks and goal setting for future success. A customized action plan and recommendations are provided to assist in making your career dream a reality.

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