Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services for New and Established Dental Practices

With over 25 years in Dental Practice Management encompassing the clinical and business aspects of dentistry, Renee Pfefferle created Dental Evolutions to perfect the Practice Process. The Perfect Practice Process (PPP) was developed in response to the unique management needs of both new and established dental practices in order to integrate quality care with maximum profitibility. Dental Evolutions’ strategic consulting services work seamlessly with each practice to offer revenue, systems, clinical, and personnel integration.

To evolve your practice processes to success

We will develop the best solutions that fit your individual practice needs and budget.

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Office meetingWe provide services to assist you with your Start-Up Practice, providing a project timeline to guide you every step of the way. We will guide you with:

  • A detailed Action Plan, phase by phase per your timeline
  • Choosing the right team of dental advisors
  •  Choosing the right location
  • Real Estate Decisions-leasing vs owning
  • Tips for Office Design
  • Practice Goals and Key Practice Indicators
  • Practice Protocols and Forms
  • Onboarding Staff
  • A Marketing Plan


We offer a customized plan for quality systems development and improvements for the new practice, transition practice as well as the established practice. Through changing time and the evolution of dentistry, we will strive to perfect your practice processes to stay abreast of the dental industry. Our dental experts and I will assess your needs and practice systems to create a powerful and innovative Action Plan.

  • The first day onsite will involve a detailed assessment of the practice. This may include: Observations, Doctor and Staff Interviews and Interactions, review of Policies, Procedures, Records, and Existing Documents.
  • Following the onsite assessment, your dental consultant will compile a summary report of recommendations specifically for your practice and design an Action Plan.


Dental staffOur 4 powerful and innovative workshops include an educational setting with staff participation for the entire team.

  1. Top Team Theorem “Rowing in the same direction to the same destination and all in sync”
  2. Customer Service with a WOW-Communication Workshop with the Perfect Patient Process
  3. “Just Say Yes” to Dentistry-The Treatment Conference
  4. Hygiene Evolutions-Educating patients to value treatment and achieve optimum health


Dentist smilingDental Evolutions offers on site one-on-one training for your staff, including:

  • For new and established employees
  • Office Manager training
  • Dental Assistant and Dental Hygiene career tips


Puzzle piecesWhether you are starting a dental practice, navigating a practice sale or looking to enhance  our current practice systems, your project is like a jigsaw puzzle, each one is different and unique. As we all have experienced, putting a puzzle together requires foresight, commitment, continuous effort and patience. These are all virtues we offer to our clients. Our commitment to you is to develop the best solutions that fit your individual needs and budget.

Dental Project Solutions is the missing piece you have been searching for to guide you through completion of your project. We all have felt that extremely satisfying feeling when that last piece of the puzzle fits in place and the picture is now complete. Our goal is to bring that feeling of satisfaction to our clients on each and every project completion with the intent of exceeding their expectations.

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