Renee Pfefferle, CEO Dental Evolutions

Renee Pfefferle, CEO Dental Evolutions

Dental Evolutions, Practice Transitions


Business and Real Estate Broker (#313063), Practice Management Consultant, Risk Manager and National Speaker, Transition Sales Specialist, Insurance Advisor

Renee Pfefferle

Renee is a respected and accomplished practice management consultant and practice sales advisor working in alliance with PSA. She has spent her entire career for over 35 years in the dental profession with a passion to help dentists! She is the founder of Dental Evolutions Consulting Firm and Practice Transitions, established in 2001 to help dentists perfect their practice process. After serving over 400 dentists in the Southeast, Renee recognized that dentistry is ever changing and evolving, thus the company name. Her goal is to stay abreast of the needs of dentists and the changing dental industry which evolved into her art of selling practices, connecting the right buyer with the right seller.

Renee has attended countless continuing education courses locally, at the Hinman, and the ADA to continuously improve her consulting services and practice sales strategies. She has sponsored and participated in a myriad of tradeshows nationwide to network for her doctors. Renee’s culmination of various work experiences results in her unique services and expertise in practice transitions.

Renee worked deep in the trenches of the dental profession not only as a clinical dental hygienist in Private Practice, but a Practice Manager with a multi-provider and multi-specialty practice, playing a significant role in building the entities, selling the entities, and monitoring success of the buyer. She recently served as a Risk Manager and National Speaker for OMS National Insurance Company. Renee was also a Dental Software Specialist and authored the textbook “Dental Practice Management Utilizing Computer Technology” for the Entire Dental Team. She was lead sales person in 2000 for dental software sales with Thompson Dental Company. Renee’s commitment to the dental profession and North Carolina dentists is evident as she served on the NC Dental Foundation Board. Her intent is your success!

Renee gives back to the community by volunteering at the Missions of Mercy clinics every year and in her spare time…if there is any, she enjoys traveling, running, landscaping, music (her theme song is “A Million Dreams”), dancing, but most importantly…spending time with her family, especially her grandsons!

Renee’s Credentials

  • Graduate of Indiana University
  • Graduate of University of North Carolina, BS in Dental Hygiene
  • Business and Real Estate Broker (#313063)
  • Dental Practice Management Consultant since 2001
  • Dental Sales Advisor and Transition Consultant since 2001
  • Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance agent in NC and SC
  • Participant in the Practice Management Curriculum at UNCSOD
  • National Risk Management Speaker
  • Speaker history at the Yankee Dental Congress, NCDS Annual Meetings, ONSDS, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th District Dental Societies, and several local county societies
  • Former Board Member of the North Carolina Dental Foundation
  • Registered Licensed Dental Hygienist in NC
  • Certified Expanded Duties Auxiliary
  • Former Dental Hygiene Instructor at FTCC and current guest lecturer at WTCC
  • Founding Member of the Triangle Chapter AADOM
  • Certified Dental Software Instructor and Consultant, Conversion specialist
  • Leading computer sales in 2000 with
  • Certified Digital Radiology and Camera Imaging Instructor
  • Author of “Dental Practice Management Utilizing Computer Technology for the Entire Dental Team”.
  • Private Practice Management with over 30 years in the trenches; encompassing the clinical and business aspects of dentistry and dental practice management consulting.

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